Your Gütersloh wholesaler for industrial supplies, industrial hoses, connection technology and tools of all kinds.

Whether it's tools or connections - we have everything firmly under control

We have a large selection of tools, machines,connection technology and accessories for professional use. We only offer excellent quality products (DIN and ISO) in our range. So you can work safely and rely on our material for a long time.

You can order around 60,000 articles from us in all desired quantities - from a package of screws to a complete truck delivery. (Please note our minimum order value of 10,- Euro and our minimum invoice value of 25,- Euro. ) We guarantee fast deliveries due to our own fleet of vehicles.

Quality products

Quality creates added value. Therefore all our products are DIN and ISO standardised

Quick Delivery

Our Logistic Centre, with it's own fleet of vehicles enables us to deliver promptly and ( just in time )

Delivery of large quantities

we constantly store up to 60,000 different articles In our 13.000m² Warehouse 

Small  quantities

We don't have any minimum purchase quantities, so you can also order individual parts if required.

Hose technology from OHL-Flex - Be on the safe side

Suction hose

Neoprene or Silicon

With our own OHL-FLEX series
we are able to offer a full range of industrial hoses.

No matter if it's silicone, neoprene, single or double layer.
You will find what you are looking for

Ventilation hose

Flexible warm air hose

Our bestseller made of PVC-coated polyester fabric.

Light and flexible
Warm air hose for heaters and fans
Suitable for medium temperature range up to max. 100°C.

Connection Technology

We have the right connection for every application. Our warehouse offers - whether galvanised, black or stainless steel - everything that professionals need for secure connections.

A selection from the multitude of ways to connect things together

Hexagon socket screws - 8.8 and 12.9 | Hexagon head screws 8.8 | Wood or sheet metal screws | Threaded or wing screws | Flat head or round head screws | Disc springs | Nails, pins, rivets | Cap or castle nuts | Ring or square nuts | Fittings | and much more....

Get in touch with us. It's worth it!


From axes to pliers, you can get all kinds of tools from well-known manufacturers such as Gedore, Hazet, Wiha, Heller, Bosch, Metabo, Knipex, Flex and Klingspor. We are also a "Pferd" partner dealer. We think: Quality pays off. And we like to use German products.

Our customers from trade and industry are professionals who know their job and have strong hands. They appreciate the durable materials from our large product selection.

Visit our showroom in the heart of Gütersloh


We offer everything for construction and production, in a wide range of lengths, sizes, material thicknesses and finishes - according to DIN and ISO standards.
As steel is the most commonly used metallic material, it plays a key role for us.

What ammounts are you able to deliver?

Steel. We deliver:

  • In Bundles from 1/2 Tonne to 2 1/2 Tonnes
  • In Packages from 2 Tonnes to 2 1/2 Tonnes
  • From 1 Sheet
  • From 1 Bar

Stainless Steel. We deliver:

  • In Bundles of 1/2 Tonne
  • In Packages from 1 Tonne to 2 Tonnes
  • From 1 Sheet
  • From 1 Bar 

  • You expect fast deliveries and low storage costs? Then come to us. Get to know our logistics centre and experience maximum performance.

Do you cater for Call Up orders?

Due to our large storage areas, it is possible for you to purchase large quantities of material, but only call them up gradually, spread over a longer period of time

What about large delivery orders

No problem, we can move up to 1000 tonnes of material a day in our logistics warehouse.

Do you have minimum purchase quantities?

In principle, there is no minimum purchase quantity, but an order value of at least 10 euros and a minimum invoice value of 25 euros must be fulfilled.

Can you generally guarantee a fast delivery of the goods ?

Fast deliveries are one of our strengths, as we make use of our own logistics centre.

Contact person

It is important to us to help you quickly and effectively. Therefore, If you have any specific questions about our Wholesale division or Indutrial Parts, you can contact one of our qualified personnel directly concerning one of the main topics. This way, you will receive the information you need in as short a time as possible.

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